-5G + Industrial Internet- is over 1,500 importantndustries ov 1,500 projects.

The reporter has recently learned from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: Under the efforts of the various parties of the industry, “5G + Industrial Internet” has exceeded 1,500 projects, covering more than 20 national economy important industries. At present, 5G applications are being produced by the production of peripheral production site monitoring, and the plant intelligent logistics and other scene applications have extended deep extensions to the product. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the first “5G + Industrial Internet” 10 typical application scenarios and 5 key industries practices. “These typical application scenarios have been applied to a certain scale of electronic equipment manufacturing, equipment manufacturing, steel, mining, and electricity.” The relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology introduced the “5G + Industrial Internet” typical scene and Key industry. read more

— Qing Yu Yeng -Excellent Broadcast Case- first-inance judgmtmode unfortunatservi needs to optimize

On June 2, “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” In November 2019, “Qing Yu” was broadcast in Tencent video, iQiyi platform, and two broadcasting platforms “super-broadcasted” fees also triggered huge disputes. At the end of the year, the consumer Wu made Iqiyi to the court. On June 2, the Beijing Internet Court was pronounced by the case. The court believes that the “advanced on-demand” model itself is not proper, but the membership of the members should not be harmful. On the evening, Iqiyi publicly replied: “We retain the right to appeal, the launch of advanced on-demand models is to meet the growing content of the user. Thank you for the Beijing Internet Courts first instance court, no denying our exploration and try, affirmed The advanced on-demand model itself is not appropriate. “Contract disputes in default, according to the content displayed by Iqiyi official website member privilege page, the advanced on-demand is to meet the VIP member hopes to watch the need to watch in advance in advance, the new upgrade A service, the gold VIP member needs to pay. Under the premise of ensuring that ordinary users and VIP members originally broadcast time constant, iQiyi will provide this service to the content indicative of “advanced on-demand” (including but not limited to the corner / text description, etc.), detailed Will notify it before the content is broadcast. Wu is a gold VIP member of Aiqiyi, which believes that iQiyi implements “paying advances” in the way, “Qing Yu Ye”, invading its legitimate rights and interests, and 奇 爱 艺 至Beijing Internet Court. The judgment confirms that the “Iqiyi VIP Member Service Agreement” introduction second part of the content is invalid; confirming that some of the “Iqiyi VIP Member Service Agreement” section 3.5 is not effective on the plaintiff Wu, Iqiyi needs to compensate Wu A notarized loss fee of 1,500 yuan, and provides the 15th “Gold VIP member” rights. The court believes that the specific content of “advertising privileges” and “members exclusive recommendations” are clearly agreed in the VIP Member Agreement. It will showcase the video of the video will still have other forms of advertisements; in the VIP member rights introduction page, Aiqi The Art Company explicitly states the specific content of “advertising rights” in the way of text description and picture example. Iqiyi Platforms played in the film and television drama or the exclusive recommendation with the above agreed, Iqiyi Company did not breach. In this regard, Zhao Ming, a partner of the China Middle School, said in an interview with the “Securities Daily” reporter, shapeOn the form of (ordinary public meaning) Iqiyi lost, essentially (legal significance), the court did not judge the love of oddi default, but the special provisions of the gold member of Wu (plaintiff) did not have legal effect, It did not take this to recognize the entire agreement default or invalid. “In short, iQiyi has not violated contracts, but in order to unilaterally add some obligations to users (consumers) on the basis of the original contract content, these additional obligations are invalid, but It doesnt cause the original contract to be invalid, and it will not lead to the fundamental default. “Zhao Ming further said. “Exceeding” is still going? Du Ying, a professor of the Law School of the Central University of Finance and Economics, “The court balanced the healthy development of consumer interests and Internet companies. The signing, changes in electronic contracts, changes, and its specialty, not only should consider it Realistic feasibility, it is also necessary to take into account its economic efficiency. The judgment of this case cannot lose the interests of members after the contract changes, the purpose is to continue to develop forward for the entire video industry. Let users see more good programs The platform can also get both users, get enough profits, promote benign circulation. So, is the decision affect the sustainability of the “advanced on-demand” mode? “The mode of super-broadcast mode is very difficult.” An analyst who did not want to be famous, said to the “Securities Daily” reporter, “The present, the three main video platforms of Ai Teng are in the state of all year loss, only improve the loss of the platform, Domestic film and television works can have more production space, the end of the audience, platform, and multi-party benefits. In fact, a variety of charging modes have always been the mainstream operation mode of the international video platform. Another analyst believes that “the main question of iQiyi is not enough. Under the current situation, the rich membership system is the road to the development of video platforms, and the domestic copyright awareness has not been strong. Everyone It is used to the free Internet content, so when the copyright is modeled, it is especially difficult to advance the charging mode. However, from a mature business model, the video platform does not have a ladder fee system, there is no sufficient paid content. It is difficult to ensure continuous operation. This is a loop. “On May 23, iQiyi launched a new member package:” Star Diamond VIP “member, priced is about 40 yuan / month (continuous renewal). The core equity of the new package is mainly free to watch all the advances of Iqiyi.On demand drama and implement mobile phones, tablets, computers, TV, and VR. Guangfa Securities Council pointed out that it is expected that other video websites or will also follow into the establishment of their own unique VIP systems. read more

-5G + 8K- industry boom is expected to rise nearly 5 billion yuann the OLED concept stock

On July 1st, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock index collected high-speed jumping and high-speed, and the Shanghai Composite Index opened easily to recover 3,000 points. The market funds are strong, and the money is good, and the two markets can once again enlarge. As of the closing, Shanghai index rose 2.22%, received 3044.90 points, Shenzhen, Shenzhen rose 3.84%, 3.75%, respectively. In this context, the collective in the OLED concept stock is strong, and the overall rise is 6.58%, and the 83 ingredient stock price is all achieved. Aspects, Kaisheng Technology, Powerful New Materials, Fuyang Hui, Tong Xingda, Star Technology, Zhiyun Shares, Xiangshan Shares, Unified Equipment, Rainbow Shares, Longhua Technology, Deep Tiantia A, Oufi Guang, Huading Technology, Beijing Dongfang A and other 14 stocks have settled on Monday, and Visin (9.58%), Jingquan Hua (8.48%), Jin Fu Technology (8.44%), East Mountain Precision (8.44%), Duo Tuo Shares (8.31%), pensions (8.26%), TCL Group (8.11%) and Changxin Technology (8.10%), etc. have also exceeded 8%. Good market performance is inseparable from funding, July 1st, 4.754 billion yuan in large subscriptions into 68 OLED concept stocks. Among them, there are 43 conceptual stocks, net inflows in net inflows above 10 million yuan, Jingdong A (174,4954,600 yuan), Oufai Guang (408.152 million yuan), TCL Group (319.44 million yuan), piloting a wisdom (305.7382 million yuan) , The big laser (2360.18,900 yuan), deep talents A (22946.34 million), Dongshan Precision (1470.56 million) and Shiliang (1383.83 million yuan) and other stocks have reached more than 100 million yuan, Dong Xu Photoelectric (9518.83 million), Tai Chi Industrial (746.843 million), Changxin Technology (70.568 million), Vi Tsino (51.854 million yuan), Kaisheng Technology (51.570,100 yuan), Huading Technology (461.26 million yuan) , Star Technology (4609.39 million), Liand (39,804,100 yuan), Chengzhi shares (37.13.01 million yuan), Sichuan Changhong (3544.01 million yuan), Xinxiang (342.145 million yuan), Jingquan Hua (3382.56 million Yuan) and strong new materials (313.752 million yuan)The same shares have also been over 30 million yuan in large single fund layout. In fact, not only the mainstream funds in the field have favored the OLED concept stocks, but also the long-term funds represented by social security, but also in advance. According to the statistics of the same faunction data, as of the end of the first quarter of 2019, a total of 13 companies were held by the social security fund, and the number of shareholdings were Jingdong A (180.29 million shares), Xinyi Technology (4520.09 million shares), the country. Star radio (245890 million shares), Changxin Technology (238556 million shares), Shenghong Technology (224899 million), Shen Kangjia A (20099,500 shares), Julyzhi shares (2000 million shares), Wan Run shares (13.11.97 million Shares), big laser (640.00 million shares), Jin Duo shares (550.07 million shares), Zhongying Electronics (37.54 million shares), Anjie Technology (3104 million shares) and Nanda Optoelectronics (233.15 million shares). It is reported that the 2019 International New Display Technology Exhibition opened at recently opened, Jingdong A, Shen Tianma A, etc. showing a large number of new products with a large number of new products. Global Display Material giant Merck said that new technologies such as “5g + 8K” will become a huge new kinetic energy in the panel industry. Not only is the liquid crystal material, but they also focus on displaying new applications – LCD windows this year, I hope to open another window in the display panel industry, leading the industrial growth. Analysts said, “5G + 8K” became the keyword of the exhibition, under the promotion of the policy, “5G + 8K” will give a new kinetic energy to the industry to bring product replacement, driving the industrial prospects is expected to rise. In the expected future development of the entire industry, the recent institution has gradually increased the attention of the plate component stocks. There are 20 concept stocks in the near 30 days to “buy” or “rendering” and other optimistic rating, of which Elementary test electronic (10 houses), Wan Run shares (6), Feidai materials (3), Dongshan Precision (2), Xinzhibang (2), Unique Laser (2), Jingdong A ( Two faucet stocks such as Jin Duo Shares (2) have recently been recommended by the agency, and the rear market performance is worthy of attention. For future investment logic, Financial Securities, Tongxong Securities, it is recommended to explore OLED concept stocks from three major main lines: first is the field of post-module equipment. Pay attention to breakthroughs in the field of the module equipment (fitting, bonding, detection) and has oneEquipment enterprises in R & D capabilities. Includes: a big laser, refine electron, and joint equipment. Secondly, the OLED upper reaches. Specific fields such as luminescent materials, polarizing plates, FPCs, drive ICs, targets, etc., investment targets include: Wanrun shares, Fuyang Hui, strong new materials, three profiles, etc. Finally, the domestic panel manufacturer of the flexible OLED panel. read more

-6.18- War started the United Stas, Jiuyang another home applicmufacturersccela

“6.18” year China E-commerce Wars has kicked off, and with the cost of e-commerce traffic, home appliance manufacturers are also helpless “station” in this promotional war. In this business competition between Jingdong, Tmall and spell, Suining and other channels, some home appliance manufacturers were forced to “two choices”, and some wanted to eat channels, thus robbing resources in advance. Lock quality resources and grab the biggest piece of cake. But in any case, consumers will benefit from this fierce battle. The new channel of the fierce battle has risen more than a lot of rise, this year, “6.18” home appliance manufacturers will upgrade again in the new e-commerce channel. Beijing Business Daily reported that the Chairman of Galanz Group and President Liang Zhaoxian recently invited teams to visit Shanghai to visit many headquarters, and both parties officially identified comprehensive strategic cooperation. This looks a bit unusual, because it is a dozen days ago, the beautiful life appliance, Supor, Jiuyang and Haier and other home appliance companies have also issued a letter, announced with the official flagship store that is spent. Liang Zhaoxian said that Galanz is accelerating the promotion of digital transformation, so the product will cover Jingdong, Suning, Tmall, spelling a lot, Galanz app and other “track”. Tour Li Min, the head of the Galanz Group, said to the Beijing Business Daily reporter: “Galanz from the microwave oven to the comprehensive home appliance company, has been insisting on open cooperation, the new era is more open, more rationally, more constructive attitude to embrace the market, service Consumers. Whether it is a traditional professional channel, or a new Internet platform. “Supor, Jiuyang and other manufacturers have expressed their views on Beijing Business Daily reporters. Supor emphasized that many flagship stores have repeatedly violated sales contracts with the company. Failed to bring a good experience to consumers, have violated the original intention of brand image stores, existing flagship stores will take the store before June 1. The relevant person in charge of Supor said that “this is normal channel adjustment.” The person in charge of Jiuyang Public Relations also confirmed the news. “We are looking for a lot of 7 flagship stores”, but about specific reasons, she said: “Jiuyang flagship store must have a high-end brand image.” On June 1st, Beijing Business Daily reporters have been searching for more than “Beautiful Life Electric Flagship Store”, “Beautiful Boutique Electrical Flagship Store”, the original “Jiuyang Chinese Life Flagship Store” is also named “Dowyang Monopoly shop”. After the birth of the Observer, Ding Majun said that a big principle should be that the user is, where the products and services are. However, different brands will be based onThe competition between the strategic development rhythm and the channel is selectively conducting channel layout. The characteristics of many platforms are developing rapidly, and the sinking market is influenced, but it is also facing problems such as brand reputation and intellectual property protection. Therefore, different home appliances have different views on this emerging channel. The helpless station has been fully detonated in the “6.18” this year. For many home appliance companies, the most profound feelings are competition has been comprehensively “bayoned to see blood”, “you die.” “Two choices” has become a difficult problem that plagues many home appliance companies. It can be seen from a series of actions before the home appliance enterprise in “6.18”, and home appliance companies have made real choices according to their channel relationships and capabilities. As early as September 2017, TCL and Suning signed a three-year strategic cooperation agreement in 2018-2020, and went to win. On May 15th, Sunings “6 · 18” year-China promotion conference, Wang Wei, vice president of TCL Holdings Group, re-visited Suning. Subsequently, Suning TCL turned on mobilization. Xie Fan, general manager of TCL Holding China Sales Center, said “6.18” year promotion TCL to put the latest products, the most explosive price, the best resource into Suning channel, and fully refresh sales records. At the beginning of this year, the first time the two sides of the Oaks and Jingdong announced the sales size of “2019 to break through 20 billion yuan”. On the eve of “6 · 18”, the Oaks Market Department said to Beijing Business Daily reporters that Oaks air-conditioning has established cooperative relations with Jingdong home appliances in 2010, and became one of the first headquarters of Jingdong home appliances. In the past nine years, Jingdong has played an extremely key role in the transformation of the Internet intelligent strategy in Oaks air conditioners, and the relationship between the two parties has long been surpassing ordinary partners, evolving from a simple “sales type” development into all-round positions such as marketing, operation, IP. Multi-level strategic cooperation. In the future, the cooperation between the two will further accelerate the comprehensive upgrade of product innovation and channel logistics, and then achieve a great situation in manufacturing and e-commerce platforms. Industry authorities have sufficiently believe that from the traditional channel store in the year, the strong chain channels choose to force the home appliance enterprise “two choices” to conduct commercial station. In today, Ali Tmall, Jingdong, facing the strong rise of this new platform, continues to pass the “two choices” business games, forcing the relevant enterprise station, the same feelingsIn the context of home appliance retail channels, home appliance retail channels is a variety of competition in the background of endurance, brand and category height homogeneous resources, through exclusive resources of some brands and products. But this competition will also change new balance with the pattern of commercial competition. Consumers benefit from the General Manager of the Consumer Electronics Division of China, the general manager of the Consumer Electronics Division, is expected. This years “6.11” price competition is more intense than previous years, not only color TV fierce, air conditioning, refrigerator, and washing machine price war will also “fire”. In the case of incremental reduction, e-commerce has increased significantly to small merchants, and the sales size of consumers is basically flat. According to Data, 2018 TV, large white electricity, kitchen electrical appliances, and the sales growth rate of life appliances in domestic e-commerce channels is -1%, 18.8%, 16.2% and 22.8%; in the first quarter of 2019, The above growth rate is reduced to -5.9%, 6.8%, 4.7% and 8.7%. In other words, the early quarter of this year, e-commerce growth, although it is still higher than the overall market growth, it has significantly slowed significantly. In addition, this years “6.18” war has begun to combust to high-end products from medium and low-end products. According to Beijing Business Daily, some foreign brands such as Sony and Bosch Siemens will also “participate”. Hu Shin, a home appliance industry, said that from the context of home appliance consumption, in the context of “house is” in the background of “living”, the increase in the home appliance market faces great challenge; the same, in the background of the ups and downs of external economic environment, stock The markets update iteration, it is not easy to activate. Under the environment where the amount of stock increases, the home appliance manufacturers can only pass the “dry off the opponent.” This also means that this years home appliance “6.18” is promoted, it is destined to be a bloody battle, not just the price war will quickly burn from local enterprises to foreign enterprises, and will also spread from the low-end market to medium and high-end markets. However, it is possible to determine that at the price war and multiple subsidies such as manufacturers and e-commerce platforms, home appliance prices will create a new low, consumer or the only winner of this war. “From the channel of home appliance manufacturers, it can be seen that all home appliance companies and merchants come, the primary task is that they are home, excellent home; secondary tasks are the ability to live after living next year, saving business cooperation next year Partner; Finally, for all manufacturers, it is facing a new and complex business challenge, cant take traditional thinking.Weird monopoly commercial competition. “Xu Yi said. read more

-2020 China Sea Employment Entrepreneurship Survey Report- leased- the number of people in Cncrsed by 33.9% yr-on-yr

China Network Science and Technology On January 8th, according to the “2020 China Sea Employment Investigation Report” (hereinafter referred to as “survey report”) showed that due to factors such as safety environment and economic toughness, overseas talents returned to China, the willingness of returning to China is more intense, and the sea returning will not block . On the other hand, some issues and dilemmas have also reflected some problems and difficulties in the investigation of returnees in domestic employment or entrepreneurship. From the specific “survey report”, the number of people in the domestic job in 2020 increased by 33.9% year-on-year, and the quality of the sea is high, and the job seeker presents younger, the trend of heritage; the financial, the Internet, the entertainment industry is more favored by the sea, 45% Sea is expected to take root first-tier cities, and Beijing and Shanghai two cities account for more than 3%, 45% of the sea is expected to have a monthly salary of 8,000-15,000 yuan, higher than the overall job seeker. In the group of international students, the epidemic caused the investment in 2020 to return to China to return to 67.3%, the second quarter increased as high as 195%; the development of returned students was most urgent, and the number of jobs in 2020 increased by 86.8% year-on-year. “Investigation Report” pointed out that the domestic epidemic prevention and control effect has been adjusted to return to China. The main disorder of returning to the domestic talent policy, the employment market has returned to the country, and nearly 90% of international students return home after returning to China, and most closely pay for the payment. In addition, according to Zhilian recruitment data, in 2020, the resume to domestic positions, that is, the number of people who intend to develop in China is much higher than in 2019 (5.3%), 2018 (4.3%) year-on-year increase. Description In recent years, the willingness of returning to China has continued to increase, and the factors such as black swan events and international relations in the 2020 have probabilistic effects, accelerate the trend of sea returning to China. read more

20 years after the TINECO can add brand was born. TimfirstINECO 2019 maye thinking telligent vacuum cleer PURE stunng debut.

“Even the pain, can not stop a skull looked wisdom, it is this” Goldbach conjecture discourse “in the description of the hero, deeply moved by the lack of food or teens money East surprising, and It inspired him to achieve in the future again and again. “pioneer. Precisely because, 20 years after the TINECO can add brand was born. Tims first TINECO 2019 may be thinking intelligent vacuum cleaner PURE ONE stunning debut.

pioneering wireless – “Wireless vacuuming, to make our users happy read more

it is an important window for new products dthe key to brd sedimentation usersts. Obviously

Review domestic e-commerce has developed more than 20 years. In this year, the e-commerce platform represented by Ali has promoted the progress of the business.

In the course of the development of e-commerce giants, the two shopping festivals of Double 11 and 618 set off a wave of shopping. After more than ten years of development, the shopping experience brought by the double festival is more enriched.

This years 618, a large number of platforms joined the war, considered “The most competitive 618 in history, which also guess the outside world more speculated. From 618 e-commerce platform disclosure According to the data, many data are quite bright, especially the number of merchants of Tmall 618 cooperation is far ahead. read more

“Cloud domain name is favored. Recently

The impact of cloud services, “Cloud domain name is favored. Recently, one with” cloud-related English combination domain name cloudpass.com took 81179 yuan.

The domain name cloudpass.com is made by English “Cloud Cloud and” combined with Pass, suitable for building cloud service related websites, such as visa, games, etc.

In addition, an English domain name new.cc shot 53421 yuan, the list new, the meaning of the new, news, suitable for building a news platform.

Single-strugglar beng. Net shoots 31,000 yuan, there is “, collapse, 嘣, etc., corresponding to many pump industry, also suitable for building sports, dance websites. read more

-Breakfast- zcd.com nearly 130,000 yuan

Recently, at the domain auction, many alphabetics were taken, one of the three parent domain name zcd.com took a small six-digit price.

The domain name zcd.com is based on US $ 1999, near RMB 130,000. Meaning has a “breakfast shop, early tea shop, car rental store, etc., suitable for building food, car rental and other platforms.

The domain name fsw.cn is 35,000 yuan, the domain name is ended in letter W, there is” The meaning, understanding as “fan network, clothing network, Fujiyut, housing network, Foshan Net, etc., suitable for the establishment of stars, e-commerce, farmers, regional portals and other websites. read more

-Car Zhihui T-Box- car driving recordeis always available in the cstatus

According to the requirements of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology “New Energy Automobile Production Enterprise and Product Admission Management Regulations”, the vehicle control unit is installed on all new energy vehicles for new production from January 1, 2017. “Che I else T-Box car driving recorder as a new product of Amei Technology, can help users understand the car status anytime, anywhere.

” Che IC T-Box car driving recorder can read Take the car CAN bus data, it has dual-core processing CPU architecture and the car level processing chip, which can utilize new communication technology to achieve harsh requirements of reliability, operating temperature, anti-interference, etc., allowing vehicle information intelligent entry, data collection , Remote control, remote upgrade and many other functions are implemented. read more

when you give him a job

At the same time, the mobile phone QQ does not have the above operation, unaffected.In order to better help you understand the current market, and make the right investment decisions, we are very pleased to invite the Shenwan Hong source chief strategist Ms.According to Mengyx latest more, QQ 9.a summary of how the first half of the market?Specific to this event, Xiong Kingzhong believes if Tencent said that the software itself is only the software itself reads related data.Lin Limei: This years capital market opportunity is still very much commendable, it is not a unilateral bear market.”QQ is trying to read your browsing record” a technician named Mengyx published a post on the V2EX community called “QQ is trying to read your browsing record”.Recently, Fun pills network announced the completion of the total amount of 100 million US dollars in Series B round of financing, this round of financing for the investor Matrix Partners China, Orchid Asia and other well-known US funds.” China Economic Net reporter had telephoned the TT pills voice networks and interest related to the situation, but has not been back.According Knews look at the news reports, Nantong Ms.Since then, the programmer is verified, and it is found that the behavior of QQ read browser history includes: reading the browser browsing history, performs MD5 for the read URL, and compares locally, in the case of MD5 matching, upload The corresponding group ID.So I feel that whether it is a resident wealth or overseas funds?It does not change in the large direction of the Chinese market. read more

it will look at your luck.I am proud of being prd of this day

People do five hours, you will do ten hours.In fact, on the one hand, the legal issue, one side to grab the traditional banks rice, this is a pseudo-logic, the world is not so good? My own investment is understood, first, I must see this market opportunity is It is not being launched, investment and entrepreneurship is actually the two, which need to achieve a profit by completing a business opportunity, so the opportunity to open the mouth is still a closed opportunity, which determines the probability.Sometimes, it is often because there is such a factor, they block a lot of competitors who can do, get a chance to be counterattack and transcendence, from the perspective of investment, to obtain an overprint, must be to Note in a small start, a big return, there is an uncertain thing, it is more worth investing.Finally talk about my own investment logic: My investment logic is very simple, investment first looks, this year has never regulated the success rate of good investment, the mood is low, it is almost the same, basically Dinn, no one can guarantee that your investment must make money, what should I do? That is at least to ensure that the investment is better, even if it is dead, my heart is also refreshing, I will always have a business person, I cant do it.It is specifically that from the perspective of entrepreneurship.The first is a team of efforts, there is a good project in the future, but also let them do, second, at least prove that our ideas are not right, then they are successful.The more the number of trials, the more successful entrepreneurship is more competitive, and it is a cost of trial error.In a full competitive area, you can only have hard work than others.The world is unexpected, and the ability is often weakened.However, it is clear that it doesnt matter if it is not professional, so it cant help you too much help on the road, so you have to go far, walk lasting, you still have to find a professional organization, although you deny you to collapse, but once Convince them, they can give big money.The original words are like this: “Many of the world of finance, a lot of money lies, eventually, the money is playing money, creating a lie again Let you follow, you have to realize this lie, join it, then lie after being accepted by the public, exit.Give him 5 months, the silk can test 5 times, and Gao Fu Shuai can only test the wrong one.Time has come to 2015, and now there are still many people to ask my Internet finance P2P how to solve legal issues.Entrepreneurship is the matter of nine dead life.In 13 years, you will talk about this matter, you will find that there are many people to come to you, because you are in the wind, just need it, you dont need to be strong, you can make money.loyaltyPeople often cant do, people who can do often are not loyal. read more

although Cao Cao fooled

Domain name fly.But after nine years, you will die because of hunger., in December 2003 officially in Nasda The listing89 million.91 million yuan)!com is sold by terminalThe first domestic domestic self-media started to explore profit models.The relevant domain name Fly.” Zhou Yafa laughed, he I dont believe: “How can I get the Hou, my brother has inherited the fathers Marquis.

Image Source: Advantages Technology Official Weibo March 8 AP, Advantages Technology Official Weibo Released News, “Strategic M & A Hammer Technology Whole-owned Subsidiary Technical Technology!(3) You must establish a mobile website to make your website competitive in the mobile Internet era.For education business, at the new stone laboratory of the nut mobile phone 2020, Wu De Zhou, President of Xinshi Lab, said that the education cause has a very large innovative space, and it can make a breakthrough product through the combination of hardware and software.On the same day, vigorously introduced the first education intelligent hardware product “vigorously intelligent work lights”.”The future of the new stone laboratory may not only have Smartisan OS, TNT OS, will also have educational OS.This new proposed lawsuit led by Colorado, Iowa, Nebraska and Tennessee, which has filed a lawsuit on the same federal court on the establishment of the state litigation on the 17th.For WeChat Search Search users close to Baidu, there is a stationmaster to edit Jie Ge, I dont want to imagine that WeChat search months are just near Baidu, it seems that WeChat is also ready to pick up this fat.In fact, suspending mobile phone business is also a choice among rationals.” In fact, in early 2019, when the byte beats to acquire the Hammer Science and Technology Some patented use rights, it announced that it will explore the relevant business in the education field, and the contract to the system of hammer technology and technological employees will be transferred to the byte beating company name, and the byte beats to involve confidentiality clauses.For the specific acquisition price, the acquisition, the reasons, the reasons, and the future will not respond.Affected by the epidemic, the online education market ushered in the explosive growth last year, and at the same time, the field of education has also ushered in a new wave of growth.In the view of the industry, smart hardware products may be used as an entrance to the value of education and commercialization, and the growth space of online education.8% year-on-year.to Beijing Daxie Star Technology Co. read more


“At the beginning, it seems that there is an e-commerce confirmation receipt, there is no case of owaling.In 2019, the retail sales of agricultural products reached 397.The six Baby Festival is positioned to break the marketing routine and break the traditional e-commerce promotion.Thousands of super explosions on hundreds of super brands will also be delivered in the big live broadcast.In the form of expression, live broadcasts are also more diversified.The reason why Ive been concerned about the SHOWEB20 (Sharing Network 2.” Ali provides data display.This years 618 e-commerce live broadcast, including “pre-waves” love hard concert, “Shou Wave” look forward to the strawberry music festival, “is the full line of high-quality concerts.Related reading: Network making money: the stationmaster must read the Google Adsense Batter Manual Baidu Alliance and Google Adsenses comparison Google Adsense account is sealed to the whole processEach additional verification ensures this website, or has the right to modify the website content.After the policy changes, the webmaster needs to add an advertisement in the website, and you need to add the target launch website to your account.Going out, develop e-commerce, solving employment.4 times. read more

and finally see this price segment.

Please wait patiently!This time made a mad like the Monkey King, with the respectful apprentice school year primary school children the same person it? Of course not anymore!But this Hunshimowang really spicy chicken, attack several times also did not shuiliandong win.com Domain Name Message Messages Million Dollar Auction Let us recall that the Yellow Huang online in the year, creates “the slogan of” global Chinese online home “hopes to convene global Chinese websites in China.and in order to take into account the line channels, some Xiaomi 9 is distributed to the line sales.I have been with Netease free space – Zigong Online www.0 era of global integrated portal dedicated to dragon News network www.I feel like the author to write the same hand.Subsequently, he also issued a Weibo saying that the millet foundry was in addition to Foxconn.com The banner of the banner, eventually forming a giant Chinese website alliance, its form is quite a bit like the current website alliance.There are still some brilliant websites that will disappear in our memory.Monkey monkey monkey came back I heard his grandchildren bullied very happy, vowed to take revenge for everyone.Some have already sinking in history.His investor is the Sichuan Chengdu Top Group, “Yan Huang Online website” this year July 3 this year Opening day, it is not half-year-old, but its expansionThe speed is so unusual.So everyone can now understand what it means to “the magic belongs to the book”!Lei Jun Weibo painting also has a promotion of Xiaomi mobile phone, turning into a toll, toll-free and toll!Xiaomi company president Lei Junfa Weibo said that Xiaomi 9 first month supplied Not enough million units, everyone doesnt have to remind, I will go to the factory to screw the screw! read more

the platform will change th”Taobao shop namand information specificion”.

In addition to risk, countries have additional considerations – develop their own digital currency.Specifically, the maximum day of the single day of June is June 22, which is $ 138.According to the Indian Finance Minister West Salaman, the Indian government plans to take more neutral positions on encrypted currency issues, which is currently looking for the way of experimenting in digital world and encrypted currency.But when using video promotion, you can also leave the website optimization.The arrival of the boxed horses, making local partner merchants have added a large shipping channel.The BINANCE platforms transaction volume is as high as 56% from the June, and its transaction value reached 668 billion US dollars.In the US, Charles Rettig, Director, National Taxation, pointed out at the hearing of the Senate Finance Committee, and Congress should grant more permissions to the tax institution to supervise the encrypted currency.This rule is changed on August 10, 2021, will be officially entered into force on August 17, 2021.Since the price fluctuations are narrow, the transaction volume in June has dropped sharply.In June, the cumulative fell 6% in June, and in May, it fell by 35%, and in April, Bitcoin had soared to The highest price of about $ 65,000.From the simple basic text to the image of the image, then use more vivid videos now as a propaganda means.People are increasing in the demand for summer fruits, so that the cucumber produced by Han Temple Town, Zhongmu County, Henan Province has just completed the picking of picking.and under the same conditions, we have higher quality requirements, after three screening, mainly acquiring their high quality agricultural products, so give the price Higher point, in the past, their good and bad together sell together in the market, the price is relatively low.On March 1 this year, Alibaba set up the MMC business group.”We shorten the distance between merchants, farmers and consumers.Third, to accurately express your video content.They solved the pin challenge in the first time through the boxed Municipal Order Purchase model.” Wang Yuancai said.On August 10th: Today, Taobao issued a notice to regulate the market management order of Taobao online shopping platform, the platform will change the “Taobao shop name and information specification”. read more

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When can I open? The majority of Xiongan entrepreneurs must be very concerned.Doing business is to have strategic eyes!The second step: use each others domain, open the fileSpecific can be responsible to Puyi Xiji!4 For foreign investors, it should be built before and after the new city, because At that time, you need a foreign investor, bringing new ideas, new management, new blood, then the governments departments are also equipped, or it should cope with this management, it must not work.Matters can be changed: corporate name, shareholder, legal person, supervisory, registration address, business scope, company nature, etc .andI directly added this IP in the Baota to the blacklist, and then opened the other partys website, I have become a blank page.The reason is that there is no carrier, a large rural, no write building concept, many supporting policies and preferential policies have not yet been introduced, and they have not been able to root root, and so, they are not as good as source management;12 Xiongan entrepreneurs asked: How long do you have to give us a license and credit report?13 Xiongan entrepreneurs asked: I am waiting for the use of Xiong County, I need to change quickly, is there an acute green channel to go?But according to pre-judgment, Xiongxian is the central document clearly determined, the county is Xiongan New District, I believe in the right tim! read more

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At the end of September, WeChat monthly active users reached 980 million, and more than 60% of them opened the mobile payment function.Lai Zhiming said that the reason for the amount of users lies in that Tencent uses Chinese friends and family to send a red envelope in the Spring Festival, in 2014, in 2014, the virtual red envelope function.At that time, many people were displaced, so I joined Liu Bangs mixed rice, so, the army of Liu Bang expanded ten times.Julu before the war, the world has experienced three years of troubled times, Emperor Qin in order to cobble together a military crusade against the insurgency, began exacting, the world Qinjiu Yi bitter, more bitter from Qin, Qin even to the people Qin bitter to the point, then the king from Qin Qin men have to go through fire and a bit of determination to do?There may be a lot more than items.0, integrated in identity, super hole, threat information and 5G MEC Safety Five Innovation Security Programs to meet the threat blocking capabilities, safety control capabilities and risk immunity of 5G cloud network security.”Sun Tzu”: Will, wisdom, letter, benevolence, Yong, YanMengtian before his debut on the fallen, their lifetime Han Xiang Yu is also the opportunity to battle alone with a person other than the two men, and there is none of the confrontation with Xiang Yu.you said Xiang Yu did not know the military law, he took more than 100 people to taste the defeat.Lai Zhiming said that in the fourth quarter of 2016, Tencent has transcended Alibaba, and the third-party platform has a faster development, such as dripping and Ctrip.After the battle of the giant deer, the Qin Dynasty basically lost the strength of the fight.What is the way? You have a team of tens of thousands of people from the means to you, you can let the army will go up and down;At the same time, the training of the noble children was roughly three categories, or they either be auxiliary minister. read more

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@poplarJiang Ziqi Shanfeng, sealed the $ 4 of the Beidou Qixing.In the “Feng Shen Bang”, the general soldier of the soul is – Dou Rong, sitting in the town of tour for many years, and his wife is also deeply done.China Network Technology April 28th, Songcheng performing arts today released the 2019 annual report and financial report in 2020.In 162, the Wuxingjun was born in Hedong Qiang Lijiazhuang.(Be sure to be exclusive, at least to do it on Taobao) 3, send some interesting content related to your product every day, inserting a trace advertisement in the middle.The old man knows that Changsheng must be a star, but it is not possible to leak the air, so there is no person to tell anyone, it often takes care of the longevity after the death of the longevity.has a descriptiveThe annual report showed that the company realized the business income of 2.deduction net profit of 1.Guan Yu is the legend of Wu Wongxing.Contains keywordsOld people know DapengIt came to open the longevity of the gods, so he gave the long name, the word cloud, with great Pendende. read more

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Do you know that it is abandoned? Today, our Xiaobian brings you a detailed introduction.

For the new understanding of the disease, we always start from the “famous words”, but for him, the meaning of his life is the moment from the bang, and he also inherits the blood of the door, The wish of life is to be able to bring the Northern Expedition to reorganize the river mountain, just a lot of hopes in life into a phantom, and finally.

Nanzheng, realistic movement into the dream

Since the start of the companys entrance to the uprising army and the Golden Jun fight, the disgusting will start the life of the downtown, I dont know if he let him re-choose, This year, only twenty young people will also recommend the leader of the army to the Nansong Song Ding, after all, we know that he thought that the southern Song, who was able to show ambition, was later confirmed that it was unimpeded. read more