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Now the country is very strict, like the community website of Xiaohong Book, if you do not control content, then become advertising garbage dumps, once something, it is not a small thing!Recently loosely edited Jiege from electricity business district learned that the little red book to the recent big adjustment, and the official said the operation internal group of users, official notice beginning on August 1, stop the little red book to start with a cargo of people outside the chain and promotion of soft paper function after up to people to think through the chain with goods and promotion of soft paper access private live difficult following is a little red book internal operations group of users with the publication of the notice from:![/ color] [/ size] [/ b] [/ td] [/ tr] [/ table] Ladies and gentlemen, formally notified about: August 1 onwards notes with a cargo platform features will be adjusted, notes business card will be off the assembly line, on the 1st of August is also normal release notes with a cargo, August 1, with the stock of goods is not affected notes without re-editing.The moat is to create a business first and foremost the most important source of excess returns for investors, but for the full year 2020, this type of high-moat companies are fully pricing in the context of a large number of extremely ample liquidity overlay fund distribution, Mao index PE (TTM , the overall method) reached 37.But there is also a webmaster said that this wave rectification from our website content angle, personal It is considered very sensible.4) Peoples livelihood new infrastructure: Mysters medical treatment, etc.Finally this little red book big wave rectification, friends said, the little red book this wave rectification too hard, playing with the little red book bloggers are mostly privately ran wide access to the soft, nowCut off peoples income, the power of the blogger, the power of the power, once the platform is starting, the friends of the vegetable is estimated to be crying!2) Energy New Infrastructure: Lili Shares / Tongwei Shares / Sunshine Power Supply / Billion Lithium / Pelicom Technology and so on.3) Intelligent new infrastructure: Offei data / new Yi Sheng / Star Network Rarjet / Central Control Technology, etc.

“What is the saying of steamed the past? This time is really not the Qing Dynasty hostster in the Dynasty, but the Ming people wrote in the wild history “Shengsheng Wen”, one of the “Mergent” The unlimited delusion.In terms of intelligence, promotion of mobile Internet technology in smart home, wearable equipment, children and elderly, pet tracking and other products.Strengthen mobile Internet security protection and data protection.Tombstone, monument holiness are used to a life of merit before the measurement, and Da had apparently been praised to the skies the emperor.Accelerate the construction of the service platform of the coordinated cloud tube., to consider intelligent application needs, and do a good job in moving the Internet of Things Facilities construction or reserved space.What is creative Domain name? Creative domain name, mostly refer to some “English + Pinyin,” Digital + Pinyin, “Fair + Pinyin,” Digital + English, “Special Suffix, etc.Develop the integration standards for moving the Internet of Things and Vertical Industry.Some companies want to show their unique, and some companies are to show their strengths.Then, the creative domain name is generally in line with a corporate brand, but there is no other terminal in the market, and the targeted is very strong.By the end of 2020, the NB-IoT network realized the county levelThe citys main city is generally covered, the focus area is covered;guide industry application companies to build equipment integration intelligent, equipment and data management intelligence, system The operation and maintenance intelligent vertical industry application platform, gradually forming the mobile Internet platform system, further reducing the development cost and connection complexity of the mobile Internet access device, meeting the need for complex scene application.focus on network operation and maintenance , Monitoring and optimization, etc.

35 million in the future, and 12 inch production capacity will From the current 389,000 pieces / month to the future 14.7 billion.”From Tesla to Chinas new power, the so-called car new retail mode is currently in the test water stage, the most classic practice is some experience shop, but helpless investment is not good, too burn money.His father has not yet succedently.”Cui Dongshu, a Car Rental Company, China Car Rental, said that Cui Dongshu, Secretary-General, secretary general of the passenger market information joint meeting, said that as” boss “in domestic car rental companies, Shenzhou car rental, but still declined In profit.Whether it is the surname or, no matter what is “surname win” or “surname Zhao” We can understand this roughly:December 2018, under the Divine excellent car behind the scenes manipulator, Changsheng Societe Generale bought at a price of 3.Maybe III: In addition to Ali, In addition to Ali, Fujikn, Suning has become a potential pick-up of Gree Electric.In addition, coffee and Bao Rui Xing Wo cars are known to take “a new retail model”, and this pattern began to face more questions after the fraud controversy erupted.At this time, Qin Shihuang has not yet been Qin Wang.If this is true, the current shareholder of Beijing Sea Guarantee Investment Co.92%), of which the first two major shareholders of the number of shares is not over the previous period changes, Hong Kong Securities clearing Company Limited during the reporting period holdings of 448.But a speak of Mingzhu, who has been speaking, has not sounded during this period.the net profit is 290 million yuan in 2018, down 67% year-on-year;After a series of reducing operations, Shenzhou You car held 450 million shares of Shenzhou Car Rental, with a shareholding ratio of approximately 21.8 billion yuan.Bao Wo implicated should be noted that the Swiss fortunate fraud crisis affects not only the same as the listed companies in China Auto Rental, also cast a shadow China-based capital repairer layout in the field.In 2018, Shenzhou bought a car income was 1.returned to the companys shareholders to deduct non-recurrence The net profit is a loss of $ 759 million.Fortunately, the Swiss stock price plummeted on the same day, China announced excellent car, after consultation, Po Wo car intends to use expected value of fixed assets of about 40 billion yuan (including construction in progress) to offset its deal with Fotons debt of about 40 billion, The remaining principal and interest according to the original agreement executed.

He has an advantage that the account does not need a penny.Words: Night-forkThis era, one listens to stocks, many people are big, many people have lost a lot of money.Detailed explanationHe is still very deep about this area, he does the commodity to play new, from an account to the present ten accounts, now has basically a one-year-old profit 2000 ~ 3000.[Beautiful, Strong Women]: Metaphor and beautiful women (female man)If the holder is optimistic about the payment value of the bond company, you can exercise the transfer rights after the grace period, and the bond is converted into an stock according to the predetermined conversion price, and the debt company must not refuse.I dont want to go.Go to open an account!Iverson height of only one meter eighty three first entered the professional basketball court, those who told him, your ultimate goal is to get 10 points per game and five assists, because youre too short, never dominate here.Just waiting for you to spend 1,000 yuan, get 1300 yuan, this is not what is money? My own account is lucky in March 2021, I have three signs, I have made a fast 500 yuan.At this time, when I copened the execution, some of my readers saw a good project immediately to do it, and immediately go to practice.Convertible bonds are bond holders to convert bonds into the companys ordinary stock bonds at the price agreed.”Vimmus” Cloud: “Heavy Tiantian: Dragon, Night Front, Dry Po, Ashura, Crown Luo, Ti Na Luo, Mo睺a, etc.Yu Huas novel cast all over the country the size of each publication, followed, received a rejection letter from across the country.

So this problem must be resolved.I think of myself doing a stand, ranking up.Every day, I will look at these contents and try to find valuable information.If the law is made, I bought the first list.In add another category.Many people hang a link to Taobao, automatic income.Then establish a general promotion plan in Taobao, and the single product promotion.Any project that makes me targeted, I will always find a way to get it.I took a rankings, up two optimized sites are contacted again.After all, no one has always been very stable.Find a customer service and deal with the consultation.He is also very satisfied.” the same is sick, also in microblogging, the same User reviews @ Kai-fu Lee thousand blessings, @ Bin-Xing Fang people revil.

Dong Zhuo has not arrived in the Eastern Han Dubi City, and He Jin has been murdered by the official.in addition to these things, in fact, luggage also purple alms bowl, classics, currency, robe, clearance Wendie, ink, paper and ink, in addition to a the Jiedao.Is it true that Cao Cao really assassinated? Interested readers can follow our Xiaobian to look down.I dont dare to move.To a certain extent, this also motivated another Han room Zhongchen – Situ Wang Yun.On the day, Wusu hides a knife in the clothes to meet Dong Zhuo.Taizu is the name, and it is east.After a short boom is a longer championship.Cao Cao is very afraid, so he is in a hurry, and gives the knife to Dong Zhuo, and then escape.Yes, indeed Jiedao, Drifting is to scrape hair and beard knife, rein in the sand monk, the monk had said:This can be said to be the court of the court.However, for Wusu, I want to say today, I have a face puncture.but Master rides the horse, it is high and fat, just in the old monk, teach him a few children, and the brother.From the credential review Start, Taobao usually gives the handling opinion at 4-6 working days (excluding weekends, holidays), please pay attention to the changes in the page and Want Want, if there is a new situation, please leave a message on the page.One is “Bean Si”, I have to think about it is: How long does it take to use hot artificial intelligence? You know, artificial intelligence is not a new thing.He Jin and Yuan Shao Mei have not listened.I know your respects arrogant, you are not Ken pickin.