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4 million yuan, investment Fang Nuo Angel Fund.It is the trust of the product for Huawei to win African consumers, which is not related to the ideology.The box proves that there is an infrared accepted port.Tejie once proposed a better experience to users, so Taijie first created an advertisement video experience, and resolutely not pre-installed any third-party software, and the depth is managed to manage system memory, avoid traffic software to run traffic, secretly occupied Memory, mitigation system running speed, this is only such a special place in the box circle, and Thai is known as “domestic products.The website is supporting you, the more the new website is, the higher the weight of the natural website.And urged the resolution, not allowed to have a bureaucracy.In addition, a highly connected external chain can bring you a precise process, which is convenient for transformation.Financing: Complete A round financing, the amount is not disclosed, and the investor investor has not disclosed.Third, the Infilk TV boxIntroduction: Mother purchase is a family life consumer maternal and child e-commerce platform, focusing on maternal and child parent-child field, product covers parent-child baby, home life, beauty costumes, etc.Xiaobian is mixed in the digital circle for many years, and it is very much for the TV box., can also learn.Financing: Completing an angel round financing, the amount is not open, investor investment Fang did not disclose.Other, if there is a problem with a certain channel of the previous chain, the outer chain previously released will be affected, so we should have to release an outer chain in more channels in more channels, and compensate for loss in more channels.added a newly implemented person information, the case number (2021) Beijing 0105, 36317, executive 13853984 yuan, the Executive Court is the Peoples Court of Chaoyang District, Beijing. read more