The ceremony of the worship ginger in the Henan area is also because of this legend.You’hiding behind the Gods station ZhangYouRen heard this, I thought the opportunity came, suddenly jumped out, so they are immediately followed by a late-bloomer, then down, said:.Is bloomer selflessness it?The no-install portable app asks you to choose a destination for the file, where you can input any file format extension you want.Although Zhu Changluo is expensive as the Emperor, Ming Shenzong does not allow him to study, almost become illiterate.Wangs origin is not high, she was born in a middle and lower-level military officer, and her father served as Jinyiwei 100.Until the grandson Ming Zong Dengji, Wang Gang was houched as the queen, and she was buried with Ming Shenzong in Dingling.So this kind of culture that is blessed is that this is spread. read more

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The big difficult monster is difficult to dont fall, but it is intelligent, and it will be in the opponent.Refers to the smart people who do not show It seems to be very dull, and it is hidden.Two of them are familiar, but the Guangwu Guo Queen Guo Shengtong and Guang Lian Queen are cloudy, and there is a beautiful person.Fortunately, Liu Xiu is very popular with Guo Shengtong after marriage.female casualties are mainly for self-considerations, men are due to unmarried economic conditions;Someone is to be happy, deliberately throw a dollar, five dollars and ten dollars of banknotes make him.Haha, it seems that the old pig is really a deep-hidden, not only knows how to understand the principle of the injury, but also massage, and the technique is skilled, the reaction is rapid, and the Wukong has saved the life.More than ten years, Xu Saimai passed away.After the beauty, I became the Queen of the Son, according to the practice.Later, I took the boat, and I was ambusted to the big holy, and I was happy.A Journey to the West, it is the Tang Yinshi and the monsters fighting the hi. read more