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China Network Technology April 19, Samsung Qled 8K TV Media Tasting was held today.I admit that I am not a master, so I can only be a passer, watching the bustling and middle falling of others in the network, everything seems to be very far away from me.It was sold, the yellow hunger and thin gastric wind wet shoulder arms were the same.Every consideration is why some people will fly Yellow Tengda, and others are destined to be ordinary, I cant stand the cold, in fact, we all know the reason, but many times we dont dare to admit, So always want to find some of the advantages of others, they have no advantages, self-comfort.The tiger does not leave God, turned over by the roof.The tiger rushed into the cow ring to the calf, the cow workers cut, and struggled with the corner.Samsung Electronics Korea Technical Experts Cui Chen You said that “Samsung QLLED 8K TV achieves picture compensation through machine learning, raising low-quality content to near 8K quality, will expand the database in the future, to achieve better picture quality upgrade.It can stand in that position, it is a big cost.The tiger said to the fox: this year doesnt understand the law, it is really not good. read more