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Obviously, the SEO world has generally believed that the URL is, but sometimes we have to set a long URL.QQ Space Certification is two years after the closure of 2014, and April 27, 2016 is newly opened from the new open certification.Details are not like the product map, just for the click rate, the general customer spends more time on the product detail page, except for the content of the product details, it is necessary to make a conciseness.need to be owned.3, do a good job in the promotion planAnd its announcement is also very simple, just a sentence: Dear users, hello!In the field of e-sports, there is no friendship, good friend technology is not to team up!—- QQ Space Project Group Assessment from this sentence from this sentence, QQ space should also want to build a more powerful self-media platform, plus QQ space more than 10 years to accumulate a lot of popularity, if The QQ space is also done from the media platform, and I believe it will be very killed. read more

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, can take more new old fruit powder, all are looking forward to.On the other hand, cross-border e-commerce has been in the airport New mode, independent station, DTC and other new models, will become a refined operation of the sea business “weapon, and the rush to get into a critical period.22% compared to the 2019 year-on-year.97% year-on-year, which is also due to the completion of the resended sales team last year, and it also shows that the micro-Leag is still Advertising and propaganda, increasing its brand exposure, awareness, but this is a higher requirement for the cost management of the micro-alliance.Among them, digital business includes subscription solutions and merchant solutions;Enterprises are willing to invest excessive funds and energy to complete the platform of integration services, but with the development of cross-border e-commerce, the increase in product types, the wind direction gradually transforms into refined operation, especially new services such as DTC, independent station.2%, ARPU reached 5395 yuan, year increase 56.During the reporting period The micro-alliance achieved $ 1.However, from the previous Ri Xin, Citi given the prediction, the revenue of the micro-digital medium achieved 15% year-on-year, which also forced the big line to only maintain the rating of the micro-alliance.5% year-on-year, exceeding the market and 25% of the investment agency.19 billion yuan compared with the same period last year.precision marketing is a long slope thick Snow?As of July 22, the micro stock price closed at HK $ 11.Currently, the microThe business sector is mainly divided into two major categories, digital commerce and digital media.In fact, in addition to the layout of the domestic market, the micro-alliance will also put our eyes in the international market.In the case of the market environment, it is unclear.Although the micro-alliance has been doing a smart digital operation, the effect is not expected.It is also earlier than Facebook, Google, and Tik TOK. read more