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Unfortunately, there is not as much research as one would like to guide the consumer who wishes to try light treatment for SAD. There are many devices which are sold on the Internet which do not appear to have light output specifications that are supported by research in SAD treatment. The FDA does not regulate the sale of light treatment devices for seasonal changes. The consumer should be cautious in purchasing these units. As noted above, prospective patients should be working with clinicians who can offer guidance. read more

How to Manage Persistent Cough in Bronchitis

A bronchitis cough sounds like a rattle with a wheezing or whistling sound. As your condition progresses, you will first have a dry cough that can then progress towards coughing up white mucus. If you have a bacterial infection or your airways become irritated and swollen, the color of your mucus changes from white to green or yellow. Sometimes, you might cough up phlegm and have a fever.

Bronchitis occurs when your bronchial tubes become swollen and inflamed. After becoming inflamed and swollen, the lungs large and medium airways get filled with thick mucus. As this thickened mucus becomes hard to clear from the airways, you begin coughing to get the mucus out of your lungs. read more

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