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0 has been exploded with high-risk website code vulnerabilities, which can cause the website to be implanted with the website Trojan back door document is also called WebShell, which is generated.Yuan Shao is in the beginning of his hand and a lot of general, and the generals have Yan Liang, and the ugly.22 version has this vulnerability.2, registration form:Split: weekly;Office / YuQue / 0/2021 / Ai / 2590158 / 1610008207336-9B7DE24D-A07E-4048-92AE-E95C99C4DEEF.php code in the TP frame, track to 253 to 270 lines, call a parameter to write files, WriteFile ($ filename, $ data) Lets track this function next to use Where is the value, look at the picture:(do not strictly control the history of the transaction, aiming to have a potential explosion model of custom properties and mind)First we look at the code:Two: Guan Yu sneak atta. read more

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