World of Warships

Be a real detective and help Sam to solve the mystery of a poisoned dagger! The player will have to interrogate the suspect and investigate this fresh crime, find the antidote, and rescue the Princess.

Playing for Sam, a boy of thirteen years old, who is a friend of Princess Aurora, you get into amazing Kingdom of Aurelia, where the epoch of the Renaissance and development of technologies just have begun. You have to foil the plot directed against the royal family, find the perpetrator who poisoned the princess and rescue her. read more

and integrity

But 嫪毐 is a small small person, he is eager to power, as he is growing in Zhao Ji.Seize this key factor, make it fine, then the website is enough to have a place in the world of the Internet!Aspects are constantly deepening cooperation.But Zi Chu has throws Zhao Ji and his son to escape.But the good view is not long, Lu Buwei brought the Qin Guo Mosi Chu in a banquet.The only car industry internet platform in China is also owned by the manufacturer, store, the users “three-way” digital solution.In fact, when Qin Wang was a child, Zhao Ji often worked with the prime minister Lu Weiwei.Until one day, when I was drunk, I was in the face of many people.After all, the mother of the emperor can be lifted, but he cant.On April 28th, the big search car and Bohai Bank signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Hangzhou. read more