5G applications are being produced by the production oferipheral sitmitoring

The reporter has recently learned from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: Under the efforts of the various parties of the industry, “5G + Industrial Internet” has exceeded 1,500 projects, covering more than 20 national economy important industries. At present, 5G applications are being produced by the production of peripheral production site monitoring, and the plant intelligent logistics and other scene applications have extended deep extensions to the product. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the first “5G + Industrial Internet” 10 typical application scenarios and 5 key industries practices. “These typical application scenarios have been applied to a certain scale of electronic equipment manufacturing, equipment manufacturing, steel, mining, and electricity.” The relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology introduced the “5G + Industrial Internet” typical scene and Key industry. read more

who is better

Local tour and surrounding tour have become the main trend this year.For new fiscal year planning, he said that he will accelerate two transformations of customers-centered and intelligent joints, winning the PC transition and intelligent.”As a pioneer of the Groups strategic transformation and model change, 2020/21 fiscal year, China will continue to work together, change!When other cars, Testla is in the business super opening, Tesla has quietly changed channel model and starts to return to tradition.Liu Jun said in the speech of “Through” in the day of “Tong” in the same day, in 2019, the PC market suffered an unprecedented winter, but Lenovo ran in the country, the first three quarters (April 2019) December) The market share of the PC turnover reached 40. read more

-After 90- computer industry chief Liu Gao- now is a goodompany spring

For only 5 years, Liu Gaochang completed the leap of the outstanding chief analyst from a beginner.

As a “90-after”, the current Zhizheng securities computer industry chief Liu is so fast, can you grow so quickly?

The answer he gives is: “Honesty to yourself, honesty for customers, and maintain the industry and research work of our own research, then maintain a curiosity, constantly from classic books, investment from various types Master, from the market itself, you can quickly form the framework and system of research, or you can make a friendly friend, which is a rapid growth of analysts. I am honored to grow with younger computer industry. ” read more

can you deceive Liu Bang

Han Xin wants to rebel, is it the greatest credibility?Before the interview was left, I picked up the crimsia on the ground.You can crazy, can defraud the pure real person, can you deceive Liu Bang?WHOIS information for DDIANZU.Today, we have prepared the article of Liu Bang, and the friends who are interested in will come to see!Easy to rent online in March 2015, the largest office computer exemption rental e-commerce platform is affiliated to Beijing Yi Tao Network Technology Co.Easy to rent the official website to enable “E + double spelling domain name edianzu.defeat.Festival!So Han Xins corruption, self-destruction, can I solve Liu Bang? Dont tease, you go to book the history of history, only to say that Han Xin Bing is like God, where to record him clean and honest, clean your body, no Your color, loyal to love? Hope is not his credibility, what is the self-destruction, what is good?So, thin!Liu Bang kill Han Xin, because what? read more