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This makes the ghosts, such as the autumn wind sweeps the leaves, and has the consciousness of all chaos, and there is a very strong direction.”Step Tiange”: “Four-frame book is like a wooden cabinet, the central white corpse gas”, “viewing to play”: “The ghost center is like a grapse, the body of the corpse.It stems from the Chinese people to the ancient star natural worship.They can create their own world, living with their own philosophy, to determine their own choices with their own beliefs.Some people think that the people of ghosts are born with the wishes of the past.Gun and Ski Sakura, not only indicate real gains, but also with sinister and firm energy.Name, the main scared, so most of the fierce.Therefore, ghosts often wont be able to cover up, and they will not deliberately The blades of the heart of ghosts are not used to hurt themselves or others, but to the avenue of their own life.Abstract as a sheep, also symbolizes that although the surface is gentle, the inner is as sharp as the combo.If someone feels kind, they will let you see the front of them.Ghost gold sheep, a gold, for the sheep.Sheeps head, with swords, clothes red wild clothes, ghosts God.Ghost and Skums are one of the twenty-eighth students in ancient Chinese mythology and astronomy, which is the second place in the south.The birds are scared when they are scared, and people who are most afraid and dont exist are called “ghosts”.Ghost, also known as the ghost.Ghost gold sheep, a gold, for the sheep. read more