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“Potential Sanfu Ding, Industry Five Money.” Three points of the heroes of all walks of life gathered together, Wei Wei Wu created the great era, and also the hero of the era, the three countries are also Chinese history, counting a number of two chaos, Also give birth to a unique cultural heritage.

Through the history of Chinese history, the more the times, the more you can create the history of the world, just like the Three Kingdoms, Wei Shu Wu three points, each built his own regime, and in this Under the situation, many heroes that have been circulated in the event. read more

tiger tooth manpower

(1850) The first month, Xianfeng Emperor Jin Zun is the emperor, (1874) November, Jin Zun is Huang Zu Yu Gui.Such as V-neck, u or a round neck price price, jeans, shirts and fittings? And suitable for people, clothes fabric propertiesWait, let readers have interested.Pow price.Q3: How to judge whether his note is included? The easiest way: Search your little red book ID, the page is the included note, Q4: Why is it to see if I can see it, someone can see it? The comment area appears? It is too frequent or comment that is too frequent, and it can return to normal for a few days.graphic version is coming ~ Optimization: 25 sets of first autumn thin dress summaryConvenient to understand, take a micro-fat to wear as an example: directDemand word: short fat, wear / slight fat, wear skills / micro fat, how to do / potential demand words: How to wear it? How should I wear it in summer? How should I wear it in summer? How to wear it? Before the writing, the different keywords will be given, and the different key words will be different in the title, opening, ending, and tags.can not make friends to help, accelerate, cut a knife, task collection Waiting for illegal marketing activities, especially similar to “cutting a knife”, “helping me speed up” This kind of friend helps, acceleration, bargaining, and task collection, etc.[Difficult Evaluation]: General, will make a variety of puzzle skills easily complete [suitable group]: all apply [Table = 98%, # 1886E3] [TR] [TD] [B] [size = 3] [color = # ffffff] 06 Recommended some drawing software [/ color] [/ size] [/ b] [/ td] [/ TR] [/ table] 90% of the cover has not yet used the point of PS, mobile phone repair and puzzle software can get most pictures, recommend several common practice software, simple and convenient.Diert class apppicsart, Meitu Xiu Xiu, every day P, Facetune, Snapseed2.For clothing class pictures, product graphs and renderings must have, other detailed drawings and maps can be used according to the situation. read more

BERLIN (AP) The German military says it has found a solution for aunusual logisticproblem troopiAfghistface: glut of beer.

BERLIN (AP) The German military says it has found a solution for an unusual logistics problem its troops in Afghanistan face: a glut of beer.

Defense Ministry spokeswoman Christina Routsi said Monday that a recent decision by the German commander in Afghanistan to ban the consumption of alcohol for security reasons had resulted in a pileup of beer, wine and mixed drinks at Camp Marmal in Mazar-e-Sharif.

German soldiers are usually entitled to two cans of beer or equivalent per day.

Routsi said the military had found a civilian contractor who will take the alcohol back out of the country ahead of the German troops withdrawal from Afghanistan as the NATO mission in the country ends in the coming months. read more

the Trump government announced returning.Yesterday

“When I used to be small, the annual New Years Eve, the Spring Festival Evening is the only entertainment activity, the household is so this”, the words are turned, and Xiaofan said, “Now completely changed”.”The quick hand should be in the same time with WeChat, until now,”, Xiaofan recalls.has also revealed that the transformation of Dongan Market will be the first international buyer department store in Wangfujing Group, after opening, Dongan market will have more than 600 international first lines Brand, independent designer brand and high street tide cards.Nowadays, it has been jacket returning to the hometown, and it is one of the people who will chat after the people in the village.When I gathered, I found that my friends, my classmates didnt agree with the start of Zhang Luos get married, the blind date, engagement, which made him pressure on it.Everyone knows that the smaller the place, the brighter the relationship society.Xiaofan is a second road to put himself in a relatively fair and have a broad environment, so he arrived in Beijing.Some of the fans when I want to think, and finally Xiaofan said.According to the local customs, but also buy a car, run a wedding, and the whole set will take at least 500,000 yuan. read more