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sh), Waterjing SquareAlso increased by more than 30%.down deep into 1.1 ~ 2021.The current interval volatile pattern.If you really worry about panic investors, you can take 3500 as an observation point.Outlook market, open source securities said that the growth rate in the second quarter is generally faded, and should be due to the high-level base, the mass consumption is weak, and the disruption of new retail channels such as community group purchases.Shanghai and Shenzhen, two cities, a stock rose 1792, fell 2442, and 55 daily limit, and there were 11 dead.Among the liquors currently listed, there are 12 net profit growth rates of more than 30%.Todays two cities index routinely opened, the main index in the morning, the overall price of the closing price is narrow in the lower price After the afternoon, the stock refers to a significant fall;Since the second half of the year, the market style switching, the signs of funds are obvious, and the valuation of liquor is falling from the high position.It does not require a separate analysis of the reasons every day, insisting on dual-creation (especially the GEM) is the forward, the Shanghai Index is the view of the defender, because The GEMs ceiling is high enough, the capital of the Shanghai finger is lowThe technical plane continues to be inundant, and a horizontal plazing is actually given a questionless answer. read more

can you deceive Liu Bang

Han Xin wants to rebel, is it the greatest credibility?Before the interview was left, I picked up the crimsia on the ground.You can crazy, can defraud the pure real person, can you deceive Liu Bang?WHOIS information for DDIANZU.Today, we have prepared the article of Liu Bang, and the friends who are interested in will come to see!Easy to rent online in March 2015, the largest office computer exemption rental e-commerce platform is affiliated to Beijing Yi Tao Network Technology Co.Easy to rent the official website to enable “E + double spelling domain name edianzu.defeat.Festival!So Han Xins corruption, self-destruction, can I solve Liu Bang? Dont tease, you go to book the history of history, only to say that Han Xin Bing is like God, where to record him clean and honest, clean your body, no Your color, loyal to love? Hope is not his credibility, what is the self-destruction, what is good?So, thin!Liu Bang kill Han Xin, because what? read more