Less is more ia mantra to live by


We pick a few entrepreneurs and work in the trenches with them to take something from an idea to a thriving business. Take a look at how we celebrate our Annual Investor Day!

Four years and $100 million. Presented with those numbers, most venture capital firms would likely have spread their bets and racked up a bare minimum of a dozen investments. Not Lightbox. The VC firm has backed just six startups across its second fund raised in 2014 and a $54-million expansion vehicle set up two years later. Simply put, Lightbox does things its own way by banking on a light portfolio of consumer technology companies to build winners. read more

London dry gin

In contrast Jiang Wan, in the period of the Northern Expedition, Jiang Wan integrated in the rear, the front Liang solve problems expedition.In August 2016, Samsung Electronics released the latest smartphone Note 7, but only a few days, the mobile phone continues to appear in the air, explosion, etc.lack of political capacity Jiang Wei also can get a good validation from conflicts Jiang Wei and Huang Haos.When the Liu Beis army came, the general is indeed the layout of Zhang Fei and Zhao Yun, and it is still going to fight.It is also to be drunk.Use as you would any other gin.The problem that causes the hardware design error, and the problem that cannot be normally dissipated is described.You just need fresh bay leaves (I found they give the cleanest, freshest flavor), London dry gin, and a sealable glass jar.But it is a person who has no strength.? Zhuge Liang Jiang Wei as overtime since the people, Zhuge Liang Jiang Wei Why not recommended as a candidate for prime minister Zhuge Liang Liu Shan heart is how to thinkThis plan puts more attention to two types of people compared to the previous policies.Though I felt contractually obligated to put them in all stews, soups, and (most) rice dishes, it wasn’t until I conducted this very important piece of investigative journalism that I began to truly value and cherish them. read more