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Garlic for bronchitis cough has many healing properties. People who are not ablto consumfresh gcan usit in theorm of medic.

Did you know, today we live in a world steeped with the pollution that is continuing to rise day by day. We can witness an increase in the number of people afflicted with upper respiratory diseases and infections. People tend to depend more on over-the-counter medications, and not many are aware that it is easy to try to cure bronchitis fast naturally with home remedies and alleviate symptoms within the comfort of their homes.

Bronchitis is one of the common conditions that one has to deal with among the various problems of the throat and the respiratory system. When the airways in the lungs called bronchial tubes get inflamed and cause coughing and mucus, then this condition is called bronchitis. People afflicted with bronchitis cough up thickened yellow or greenish mucus accompanied by wheezing, chest tightness, bronchitis with shortness of breath, and low fever. read more