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Loki Dagger – Weapon of Loki – TV series 2021 – High Quality (2 Versions)

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What gifts do BTS members give their parents? Jin presented a US$34 million Hannam The Hill apartm Jungkook w for Mercedes-Bz whRM le

What luxurious presents did BTS members like J-Hope and Jin give to their parents? Photos: @btsxpiccs; @choi_bts2/ Twitter, @mejiwoo103; @seokjin/Instagram

What gifts do BTS members give their parents? Jin presented a US$3.4 million Hannam The Hill apartment, Jungkook went for a Mercedes-Benz while RM lets mum and dad use his credit card

Jins parents became neighbours with K-drama actors like Han Hyo-joo and Choo Ja-hyun when they received a unit in one of Koreas most expensive buildings

During a V-live broadcast, V revealed that he composed a song for his dad for Parents Day, while J-Hopes Mothers Day gift was snapped on Instagram read more