Yi Fangda fund has been disclosed for half a year

Author: Word AssistantThe flattener SEO, original is not easy, reprinted must indicate the author and the original source and this statement in the form of a link.There are 19 fund companies earning more than 10 billion yuan, Easy, Hui Tianfu, Huaxia, Zhongtu, Guangfa, rich and other companies have more profitable.Hu Yizhen, Huizhen, Huiji-rich Consumer Industry Fund, said that although new crown pneumonia epidemics may still bring phased disturbance, I believe that the huge potential of Chinas economic reservoir will not change.Abstract [Funds earnings 647.Taiwan media reported that Apple is working hard to develop its own chip technology, hired multiple Intel related technical experts, and has announced that there are 1200 employees in the US Santiago, engaged in wireless engineering business, to design data chips within the company .There are still good industries, and the trend of industry boom, leading companies in related fields are expected to maintain better table.In 1937, the founder of McDonalds is also boating hot dogs in Los Angeles. read more

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