the emperor was located in Wei Wenyi

Focusing on the rural specialty industry, build the county e-commerce industry agglomeration area, improve the e-commerce supporting service, cultivate regional public brands and network products, and improve the level of industrial e-commerce, and promote the revitalization of rural resolution.When the Gao Shili surrender Tang Dynasty, the situation at this time has been cut different from him when he leaves.Yes, that is the high of the North Queen.He asked me if you are a rich boss, you hate a person, you want to revenge him, what should I do? I dont know.So far, the number of rural netizens has exceeded 250 million, and online shopping has become the normal state of farmers lives.Only the truly scholar is eligible.For the future development of rural e-commerce, the Ministry of Commerce will do four aspects: First, further broaden the channels of agricultural products into the city.After the SCO did not live up to Li Shimins expectations, after returning, Gao Shiyan joined Li Shimin, and actively planned to make a plan.The big husband of Gao Shili died in the five years, and Sun Hao, who had a SCD died. read more